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About Our Organization

America Recovers was launched in September 2012 to change the way America recovers from disasters with the goal of ultimately changing the way we prepare and respond as well.  It is a business unit of ERUdyne LLC and is led by Suzanne Novak, an emergency management and homeland security subject matter expert.  Ms. Novak also serves as the President of ERUdyne.  

When Super storm Sandy hit the East Coast in November 2012, America Recovers activated our disaster response initiative focused on people helping people.  We identified individual communities and families within those communities that had specific needs and provided them with the necessary supplies to begin rebuilding their lives.

There remains a known tremendous need for assistance by many people, businesses and communities impacted by Super Storm Sandy. We believe there are needs that remain unidentified but will come up as time goes forward. Additionally, we expect that there will be other needs that come up due to weather, the economy, etc. in the coming year.

As such, we will continue to offer logistical/operations support and donations management assistance to disasters such as Super Storm Sandy.  We will continue to operate our disaster response efforts as we have been since the first days of our on the ground support for Sandy. We will continue to identify community and individual needs and seek to meet those needs through our network of individuals and businesses seeking to assist those in need.

Additionally we will provide training and exercise support to communities, businesses, and faith-based organizations that want to learn how to manage their own recovery when catastrophic incidents occur/impact their community.

More information about ERUdyne and Ms. Novak can be found at as well as via LinkedIn.